Your Project Plan

Project Initiation

Intake & Strategy

We talk about your writing, editing, or design needs to ensure that I can help you accomplish your goals. We dive deep into your project details, strategizing your final product based on your audience appeals, research needs, the best form and style, and publication plans.

Scope of Work

I draft a project plan with milestones, tasks, delivery times, and fee estimates. You review and refine components until the project fits your vision and schedule.

Project Calendar

We schedule phone calls, deadlines, revision timeline, and final delivery date.

Contract & Deposit

Depending on the scope of the project, a deposit of 30%-50% of the final project fee will be due upon contract initiation.


Projects may include any of the following milestones, which will be detailed in a Scope of Work and contract.

Background & Research

May include database research, market and industry research, subject matter expert interviews, review of primary and/or secondary sources, reviewing product guides, or in-house style guides.


Especially for longer projects, a detailed outline of content, annotated bibliography, or citation resource manager can keep the project organized and on track.

Content Calls

For talk-to-write projects, regularly scheduled calls with researched and prepared questions to fully capture your story or topic.


Highly polished drafts will be delievered for your review, revision, and editing requests.

Review Calls

Calls to discuss your draft review requests and questions, and give direction for revisions and edits.

Revisions & Edits

Number of revision rounds will be set in the scope of work. Typically, two rounds of revisions and edits provide for a thorough and meticulous polish.


With the copy complete and polished, documents can be transformed into visual collateral with light, moderate, or heavy graphic and design elements.

Consultation Calls

Scheduled as needed for updates, check-ins, adjustments, or strategy collaboration.

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