Working Together

All projects are managed with careful and detailed attention, end-to-end.

I work to understand to your needs and prepare a detailed scope of work for review before project launch. Then, I build your complete project plan with defined milestones, scheduled calls, collaboration and revision strategy, and easy invoicing.

You need someone to handle the writing process from beginning to end


You have a vision for your content, but not the time or bandwidth to research, write, and execute.

We strategize your project’s parameters, target audience, research needs, and desired tone. Working from a detailed outline, I write your content and revise to your specifications.

I create books, reports, articles, proposals, bids, white papers, product descriptions, case studies, business plans, web copy, invitations, drip emails, biographies, profiles, resumes and cover letters, curriculum, training manuals, reviews, letters, press releases, sales or marketing copy.

We collaborate as much as you need about organization, length, style, and publishing goals. When the project is finished, full copyright and ownership of the text is yours. 

Start Your Project

You have a story or idea you want to talk into life


You know your content and speak about it with ease and eloquence.

You need me to handle the drafting, structure, and refinement of your written message.

We talk on the phone so you can express your ideas or share your story with ease and comfort in a real conversation.

An attuned and sensitive listener, I prepaere researched questions and ask incisive follow-ups to help you dig into every part of your content, draw connections, and uncover new material. I absorb your content along with your style and unique expression, then render your spoken words into well-crafted writing in your authentic voice.

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Your writing needs new direction, enhancement, or refined polish


You need experienced and precise feedback from a trained and fresh set of eyes to get your writing ready for distribution or publication.

Send me your draft–new, emerging, or something you’ve been working on for ages. Receive your whole edited project or request to review in stages for even deeper collaboration.

Developmental Editing: big-picture feedback on your main idea, plot, or central argument. You’ll receive in-text comments and several pages of written feedback, suggestions, questions, and links to resources to help you clarify your vision and solidify your project’s promise to the reader.

Copy editing: in-text edits and comments focused on your content’s clarity, consistency, flow, and accuracy, as well as sharpening your language, elevating your style, and conveying your meaning with intention and craft.

Proofreading: professional polish for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, tense consistency, subject-verb agreement, parallel structure, numbers, symbols, and formatting.

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You need striking, clean, and cohesive layouts and graphics

aleks-dorohovich-26-unsplash.jpgYou can add design services to the book or document I create for you, or allow me to transform your raw text into ready-to-distribute visual collateral.

See design samples

Ghostwriting and Talk-to-Write

  • Business how-to guide for entrepreneurs (50K words)
  • Memoir, a military officer’s struggle with schizoaffective disorder (25K words)
  • E-book on education technology (2K words)
  • Grade 6-8 Business and Technology Curriculum Guides (200 pages each)
  • Personal book of wisdom (12K words)

Developmental Editing

  • Memoir of 1970s Vietnam (65K words)
  • Memoir of childhood during the Liberian Civil War (113K words)
  • Novel, upmarket contemporary fiction (95K words)
  • Business guide for new employees (24K words)
  • Wellness and Mindfulness Journal (180 pages)
  • Soros Fellowship Application (2K words)

Business and Technical Writing

  • 2 case studies of educational technology platform users
  • White paper on artificial intelligence in the customer service industry
  • Cyber Security best practices guide
  • Distributed software teams best practices guide
  • White paper on blockchain security for a new mobile app
  • White paper on global family-owned business succession
  • Internal Human Resources Anti-discrimination Letter
  • RFP research and proposal template creation for CPA firm
  • Training manual design and writing
  • Editing security memos, funding proposals, grant applications, and thought leadership articles
  • Clean Energy Financing Research Summaries

Academic Editing

  • Academic monograph editing
  • Academic journal article editing
  • Dissertation editing (computer science, humanities, psychology)

Marketing, Sales, and Blog Copy

  • Literary agent query letters
  • Author bios
  • Book synopses
  • Self-published author’s marketing and publicity plan
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • SEO web copy: About Us, Services, What Sets Us Apart, and Payment pages
  • Real-estate investment drip emails
  • College sports recruiting drip emails
  • Special event copy (static web and social media)
  • Researched blogs in psychotherapy, solar energy and financing, human resources, management and leadership, education technology, real estate investment, chiropractic, college admissions, health and beauty, parenting.


  • Infographics
  • Investor pitch deck
  • Storyboards
  • Marketing flyers
  • Postcards and rack cards
  • Logos and emblems
  • Website redesign (Wix and WordPress)