Poems & Essays



Scented ThingsThe Book of Scented Things

Edited by Jehanne Dubrow and Lindsay Lusby

Literary House Press, 2014


Brilliance, Spilling


Brilliance, Spilling: Twenty Years of Perugia Press Poetry

Edited by Susan Kan & Rebecca Hart Olander

Perugia Press, 2016


Two Countries

Two Countries: US Daughters and Sons of Immigrants

Edited by Tina Schumann

Red Hen Press, 2017


“Luck Let Go” in Barnstorm Literary Journal (2015)

“Silence, Reader” in Blackbird (2010)

“Jack’s Kitchen” in Copper Nickel (2010)

“Back Home” in North Dakota Quarterly (2007)


“The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat” forthcoming in Ruminate

Liturgy” in Slippery Elm (2017).

“The Convert Learns to Play Hide and Seek”; “The Convert Desires Her Way Into a First Prayer.” Figure One2017.

“On the Vine” in Meridian (Spring 2016).

“Bat Exclusion” in The Los Angeles Review  (Spring 2016).

“Hear Her Say Everything” in Spillway (June 2015).

“Or Am I”; “Yolk” in Construction Magazine (2014).

“Why We Are This Way” in Boxcar Poetry Review (2013).

3 poems in failbetter.com (2012).

2 poems in Connotation Press (2011).

“The Sea Wall” in The Collagist (2011).

“Migration” reprinted in East West Poetry (2011).

3 poems in Town Creek Poetry (2010).

2 poems in Blackbird (2010).

“History Filled In” reprinted in 3 Quarks Daily (2010).

“Giving” in Cha: An Asian Literary Magazine (2009).

“The Voice Before” in The Greensboro Review (2008).