Private Portfolio: IRH

Hello FACT team:

Thank you for reviewing my writing and research samples and considering my application for a Literature Review Independent Consultant.

I have curated this portfolio specifically with research and presentations relevant to the materials you need sourced, synthesized, and presented. Please contact me any time with questions or feedback. or 314-780-8772.

Researched Papers

For Schoology, I created a best practices guide for teachers to help their students take ownership of their learning.

After taking a deep dive into Schoology’s platform and offerings, I conducted academic database research to find sources from the field of rhetoric and composition that would resonate with teachers. I wove those into an organized and pedagogically-focused set of best practices applicable across grade levels and subjects. (Full PDF)

For Be One Solutions, I completed a 10,000-word white paper on global trends in succession for family-owned businesses.

First, I dug into research to create this annotated bibliography, using a mix of sources: online, JSTOR, ERIC, and Academic Search Premier.

Next, I created a detailed outline.

And finally, I synthesized, organized, and presented the complete researh in the final white paper.

For Argentum, I researched, wrote, and designed a brief white paper on the leadership gender gap in Senior Living. Again, I was excited to dive into learning about a new industry and its workforce, training, and gender equity issues and needs.

This white paper served as a key document for Argentum’s 2019 national conference, and was widely distributed among their leadership and members.

You can compare my first draft with client feedback to the fully designed and brand-aligned final version.

For the CEO of Miriam Wrobel Consulting, I conducted 25 hours of research on energy regulations and legislation in the state of Ohio, and prepared the following research briefs, used to engage a major state utility.

1. Ohio Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

2. Ohio Senate and House Bills

3. Public and Private Financing Opportunites

4. Miscellaneous FirstEnergy Ohio Research

This white paper for Voatz digs into the key security features of blockchain technology and the Voatz Mobile Voting App, to demonstrate the safety, ease, and multiple benefits of mobile voting to secretaries of state and other voting jurisdiction decision-makers.

I got up to speed quickly on this one: learning about blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and U.S. voting procedures. Then, I interviewed two subject matter experts, conducted additional research, wrote the copy, and designed the final document.

Please check out where the paper started with my first draft.

Then see how I implemented client feedback to develop and refine the writing and design with feedback, and create this polished final version.

Execs in the Know needed a complete developmental edit and design guide for their white paper on the uses of Artificial Intelligence in customer service sectors.

Working first with the raw copy, I provided a thorough revision with new and expanded examples taken from industry research, reorganized sections, and copy edits for clarity and concision.

Next, I presented the copy in a design-ready format, indicating stats or quotations to highlight with infographics or other design elements, and chunking the text into design-friendly components. (Full PDF)

Research and Data Synthesis

This document presents the research, rationale, and purpose of a two-year curriculum redesign. Aimed at St. Louis Community College administrators, the program is put forth with high potential and impact, with my positioning as expert in the field of developmental writing pedagogy. (Full PDF)

As a supporting document to the above curriculum redesign proposal, this data report presents the results of the new curriculum’s pilot–with data to show student gains, increased pass rates, and increased retention. (Full PDF)


This investor presentation combines extensive market and industry research with product and company details, pro formas, and risk mitigation.

I interviewed the company CEO and President, wrote the copy, created the graphics, and designed the slide layouts.

The presentation was used to capture over $3 million in private funding. (Full presentation PDF)

This curriculum presentation, for which I conducted the research, wrote the copy, and designed the deck layout, aimed to get district department chairs onboard a new course offering, based on copious research on developmental reading and writing best practices. (Full presentation PDF)

For a general faculty audience, this curriculum proposal presentation aimed to introduce the rationale and research behind a new method of teaching developmental writing, and gain faculty buy-in. (Full Presentation PDF)

Current Research Projects

Currently, I am producing a researched case study on the uses of Elsevier‘s Scopus citation database and SciVal citation visualization tools, and how they helped the Université Paris-Saclay establish a data infrastructure.

Research objectives and tasks includes:

» Product research

» Client research

» Citation database research

My second commissioned paper with Argentum is a public policy paper that outlines the federal policy positions needed to help the Senior Living industry retain a robust workforce through 2022.

Research objectives and tasks include:

» Federal policies on immigration restrictions and reform

» Federal policies on real estate and taxation oversight

» Congressional champions and opponents of aforementioned policies