Creating Your Content

I write what helps your brand or business grow−books, taglines, and everything in-between.


My specialty is long-form writing that includes research, real voices, and your expertise. Because your insights and customer experiences are what readers come for–what engages them, builds trust, and brings them back.


Case Studies

I learn the details and benefits of your product or service, conduct user interviews, and craft in-depth case studies to tell a story with real pain points, needs, and your solutions.

White Papers

I research problems, needs, and challenges in your industry or market, synthesizing expert research and analysis. Your approaches and solutions are positioned as timely, relevant, and much-needed responses with real and lasting impact.


Best Practices Guides

Your expertise, insights, industry-tested recommendations, and thought leadership offer peers, leaders, and customers the benefits of your experience and innovations.


Timely, engaging, and organic content delivered regularly to your readers nurture connections, heighten sales-readiness, and bolster your marketing and sales strategies with value and expertise. 

Below you can see all stages of editing for Quanuquanei Karmue’s memoir, which I had the privilege of reviewing for content, style, and polish. His raw and gripping childhood story of civil war in Liberia offered me a chance to take readers into his family’s journey with more consistency and concision, in addition to honing diction for an American reader and creating chapter organizations that heightened suspense and character arcs. His book, Witness, was published by Sugar Hill Press in 2018.

Developmental Editing Phase

Custom Style Sheet for Formatting Custom Style Sheet for Consistency

Published Memoir

As your editor, I don’t just look for mistakes. I advocate for your work’s promise to your reader, and help fulfill that promise with your well-crafted and authentic voice.

The following are samples of developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading for various books, documents, and websites. I edit with an experienced eye for concision, clarity, transitions, organization, action, sentence structure, persuasion, grammar, and polish. My creative editing focuses on narrative structure, character development, originality, voice, timeline consistency, description, suspense, reflection, metaphor, and sharp dialogue.


LinkedIn Profile Revision

Blog Editing

Novel Editing

Statement of Purpose Editing (before & after) Content Marketing Editing (before & after)

Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, Word, and WordPress, I create clean, organized, and striking layouts that adhere to the major principles of design, drive home your message, and align with your brand.