I create content that works for you.sharon-pittaway-117630-unsplash.jpg

If you’re looking for well-told stories, in-depth research, creative approaches, clear ideas, persuasive arguments, polished prose, and an advocate for your passion, I would love to work with you.

If your readers are hungry for ideas to engage their minds, activate their emotions, and inspire action, I want to write for you.

I help writers, businesses, and educators find their voice, tell their stories, and reach big audiences. I believe writing gives voice to our ideas and helps us discover new ones. Whether you’re hoping to boost your online presence and client base, publish your book, sell your product, improve your craft, or share your expertise, I create content that is authentically yours. No recycled ideas. No click-bait. 

Let’s create something that connects, explores, helps, challenges, stretches, and travels far.

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Working Together

“All I know is what I have words for.” -Wittgenstein


rawpixel-558599-unsplashFrom your topic, project parameters, target audience, research needs, and desired tone, I write your book, white paper, case study, curriculum, manual, review, proposal, profile, letter, press release, or web copy. 

We collaborate as much as you need, discussing organization, length, style, and publishing goals. I work on revision and edits until the job is perfect. When the project is finished, full copyright and ownership of the text is yours. 


Talk-to-Write Content Creation

rawpixel-703123-unsplash.jpgDo you have an idea or story that you’d love to talk into life?

We talk so you can express your ideas and dictate your content. An attuned listener and seasoned interviewer, I love hearing your voice, absorbing your ideas, and learning your style. I render your thoughts into organized, accessible, and coherent prose.

We find the right genre, shape, length, and publication venue, then collaborate on revisions and edits until the project fits your vision. 



green-chameleon-21532-unsplash.jpgSend me your draft, whether new, emerging, or something you’ve been working on for ages. I offer a discerning eye, editorial screening experience, audience awareness, generosity, and your authentic voice as my priority.

Developmental feedback can include substantive comments about your central argument, main ideas, theme, sources, reader value, plot, characters, structure, coherence, pacing, stakes, imagery, or voice.

Copyediting and proofreading focus on clarity, sentence structure, style, concision, consistency, organization, dialogue, formatting, grammar, and punctuation.


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Melody S. Gee CV


M.A., English, University of New Mexico, 2005

B.A., English, University of California, Berkeley, 2003

Continuing Education 

Professional Certificate in Grant Writing, San Diego State University, 2018

Instructional Design (EDU 765), University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2017

Universal Design for Learning (EDU 652), University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2017

Teaching Experience

English Professor

Business Writing, Technical Writing, Composition, Developmental Writing, Creative Writing, Literature 

St. Louis Community College, 2011-2018

Southwestern Illinois College, 2009-2011

Saint Louis University, 2008

University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2008

Purdue University, 2005-2008

Ivy Tech College-Lafayette, 2005

University of New Mexico, 2004-2005

ESL Teacher, Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program, 2014

ESL Citizenship Aide, International Institute of St. Louis, 2013

Professional Experience

Contributor, Schoology Exchange, 2018-present

Staff Copyeditor, Graphic World Inc., 2018-present

Staff Copyeditor, A Pass Education Group, 2018-present

Manuscript Screener, Perugia Press Book Prize, 2011-Present

AP English Language Exam Reader, Educational Testing Service, 2008-2009 

Dissertation Editor & Proofreader, Purdue University Writing Lab, 2008

Professional Writing Program Assistant, Purdue University, 2006-2008 

Editorial Assistant (Poetry), Sycamore Review, 2007

Guest Design Editor, Blue Mesa Review, 2005

Copy & Bookings, U of New Mexico Popejoy Center for Performing Arts, 2003-2004

Copy and Layout, Satellite Magazine, 2003

Copy & Graphics, Speak Out: Institute for Democratic Education, 2001-2003

Copy & Graphics, A Better Way Foster Family Agency, 2001