Find Your Collaboration Style


Best if:

» You have a story or idea you want to talk into life.

» You know your content and speak about it with ease and eloquence.

» You need me to handle the drafting, structure, and refinement of your written message.

For any document, any length. Short- and long-term projects with research, additional SME interviews, and multi-team collaboration welcome. 


Especially recommended for memoirs, general nonfiction books, and ongoing blog content.


We talk on the phone so you can express your ideas or share your story with ease and comfort in a real conversation. An attuned and sensitive listener, I prepare researched questions and ask incisive follow-ups to help you dig into every part of your content, draw connections, and uncover new material. I absorb your content along with your style and unique expression, then render your spoken words into your authentic written voice.


Best if:

» You have a vision for your content, but not the time or bandwidth to research, write, and execute.

» You need someone to handle the writing process from beginning to end.

For documents and books of any length requiring complete project management and creative approaches. 


Especially recommended for content marketing, general blog posts, and newsletters.


We strategize your project’s parameters, target audience, research needs, and desired tone. Working from a detailed outline, I write your content and revise to your specifications. We collaborate as much as you need about organization, length, style, and publishing goals. When the project is finished, full copyright and ownership of the text is yours. 

Developmental and Copy Editing

Best if:

» Your writing needs new direction, enhancement, or refined polish.

» You need experienced and precise feedback from a trained and fresh set of eyes to get your writing ready for distribution or publication.

Send me your draft–new, emerging, or something you’ve been working on for ages. Receive your whole edited project or request to review in stages for even deeper collaboration.


Developmental Editing

Big-picture review of your document or book. 

Especially recommended for first drafts in need of beta reader feedback.


Copy Editing

Style enhancement and refinement for your document or book, specifically focused on your content’s clarity and conveying your meaning with intention and craft. 

Especially recommended for complex documents, chapters, books, multi-authored pieces, and second-language authors.



Professional polish for your document or book. 

Especially recommended before public distribution, printing, submission to stakeholders, publishing, and high-stakes communications.

Document Design

Clean and sleek document design that transforms raw copy into stunning visual collateral, with graphics and layout that match your brand and enhance your written message. 

Especially recommended for content marketing, sales collateral, large print media, and visually-oriented audiences.

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