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Virtual Coaching Case Study

This case study for Sibme, an education technology provider in Texas, includes interviews with three customers. To complete this project, I got up to speed on Sibme’s virtual coaching platform, system, and offers. Next, I conducted user interviews and gathered information about their needs, pain points, and expectations of trying out Sibme. Using recordings of our conversation, I wove a narrative-driven case study with quotations, engagement details, and short- and long-term benefits.

Student Learning Guide

For Schoology, I created a best practices guide for teachers to help their students take ownership of their learning.
After taking a deep dive into Schoology’s platform and offerings, I conducted academic database research to find sources from the field of rhetoric and composition that would resonate with teachers. I wove those into an organized and pedagogically-focused set of best practices applicable across grade levels and subjects. (Full PDF)

Business White Paper

For Be One Solutions, I completed a 10,000-word white paper on global trends in succession for family-owned businesses.
First, I dug into research to create this annotated bibliography, using a mix of sources: online, JSTOR, ERIC, and Academic Search Premier.
Next, I created a detailed outline.
And finally, I synthesized, organized, and presented the complete researh in the final white paper.

Partner Case Study

For Andela, I have created a portfolio of 12 partner case studies to highlight the benefits of their IT outsource staffing.
Each case study required me to review an interview transcript, pull impactful quotes, and weave a concise narrative of the client’s staffing and software development challenge, reason for choosing Andela, and ultimate company benefits from the partnership.

Distributed Teams Best Practice Guide

Next, Andela needed a best practices guide to distribute to all their partners, giving quick tips and insights into how to onboard a distributed team. Combing through their documentation, I culled, edited, and enhanced their practices into a concise guide that companies new to distributed teams could find immediately useful.

Artificial Intelligence White Paper

Execs in the Know needed a complete developmental edit and design guide for their white paper on the uses of Artificial Intelligence in customer service sectors.
Working first with the raw copy, I provided a thorough revision with new and expanded examples taken from industry research, reorganized sections, and copy edits for clarity and concision.
Next, I presented the copy in a design-ready format, indicating stats or quotations to highlight with infographics or other design elements, and chunking the text into design-friendly components.

Senior Living White Paper

For Argentum, I researched, wrote, and designed a brief white paper on the leadership gender gap in Senior Living. Again, I was excited to dive into learning about a new industry and its workforce, training, and gender equity issues and needs.
This white paper served as a key document for Argentum’s 2019 national conference, and was widely distributed among their leadership and members.

Blockchain White Paper

This white paper digs into the key security features of blockchain technology for a mobile voting app, to demonstrate the safety, ease, and multiple benefits of mobile voting to secretaries of state and other voting jurisdiction decision-makers.
I got up to speed quickly on this one: learning about blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and U.S. voting procedures. Then, I interviewed two subject matter experts, conducted additional research, wrote the copy, and designed the final document.
Please check out where the paper started with my first draft.
Then see how I implemented client feedback to develop and refine the writing and design with feedback, and create this polished final version.

Ed Tech E-Book

For BookNook, I researched and wrote an e-book on best practices for integrating technology into schools.
Readers mainly included K-12 teachers and administrators looking for a broad history of technology integration practices to find what might work best for their schools.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

This best practice guide is tailored for an Australian audience looking for practical ways to increase their cybersecurity awareness and company-wide practices, and uses governmental and independent research.

Training Manual

This is one of a series of 24 training manuals I created for new Americans receiving services at the International Institute of St. Louis.
Using my years of experience as an English professor and a parent with children in public school, I designed simple and easy-to-use training manuals for IISTL staff to guide recently arrived refugees through crucial tasks of navigating American culture and government, like calling 9-1-1, making doctor’s appointments, and attending their child’s parent-teacher conference.

Additional Samples

More writing samples available upon request.