The Sense of the Story on The Common Reader

My short article, “The Sense of the Story” is up on The Common Reader blog today. Back in January, Michaella Thornton’s in-depth look into how layoffs hit women and mothers (Pinkslips: How Layoffs Create Double Jeopardy for Working Mothers) included part of my experience of getting laid off from St. Louis Community College. “The SenseContinue reading “The Sense of the Story on The Common Reader”

Rejection Slip: National Catholic Reporter

Rejection Slip is a series of pieces I submitted for publication that were rejected by the editors. Oh well. I submitted the following piece to NCR in December, in response to a multi-part discussion on Catholics who have left the church. The discussion began with Melinda Henneberger’s USA Today column (November 2018) about why sheContinue reading “Rejection Slip: National Catholic Reporter”

Revisiting the STLCC Layoffs

Michaella A. Thornton’s article, “Pink Slips: How Layoffs Create Double Jeopardy for Working Mothers,” revisits the 2018 STLCC layoffs in the context of how layoffs impact women more severely, how gender roles and expectations shape our responses to layoffs, and how layoffs neither help businesses nor refrain from punishing women harder than men. I wasContinue reading “Revisiting the STLCC Layoffs”

New Bookshop Coming to STL

Bunky’s Books is coming to Cherokee Street this March! They’re already stocking shelves with titles from fantastic independent presses, including my very own Cooper Dillon Books: That’s The Dead in Daylight up on the top row! I can’t wait for the store opening. In the meantime, their online store is up and running. Thanks forContinue reading “New Bookshop Coming to STL”

Reading at The Dial Recap

I had the great pleasure of reading at The Dial Bookshop in Chicago, and being in the company of fellow readers (left to right) Emily Jungmin Yoon, Lani Montreal, and Suman Chhabra. Their poems about motherhood, daughterhood, race, gender, teaching, queerness, and numinous spaces were all breathtaking. Thank you for the beautiful space, words, andContinue reading “Reading at The Dial Recap”