On the Ruminate Blog

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Editor Kristin George Bagdanov has a beautiful blog post about the latest issue of Ruminate and its theme of exposure. I’m delighted to have my poem, “The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat” featured in this lovely journal. Click here to find the issue.

Who Raised You?

static1.squarespace.comI’m delighted to have a poem featured on the podcast Who Raised You?

Created and hosted by (my friend and former colleague at SWIC) Treasure Shields Redmond and Karen Jia Lian Yang, Who Raised You is a St. Louis podcast that explores poetry, race, culture, identity–all over a kitchen table conversation. I’m so pleased to be part of their first episode of Season 2.

See the latest episode here (my poem, “Why We Are This Way,” appears at the top of show) and the Who Raised You blog here.

Mission Creek Recap

Mission Creek Festival 2018 was unforgettable. On Friday, April 6, I sat on a round table panel with Cathy Linh Che and Helene Achanzar to talk about our experiences as Kundiman fellows. The Iowa Writer’s Workshop MFA students were the most thoughtful and welcoming group.


On Saturday, I read with these writers at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City:
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Pam Zhang, Yvonne Cha, Cathy Linh Che, Helene Achanzar, Stella Wong, Melody Gee
And I heard Cathy read on Friday night, too! Thank you to Yvonne Cha for her incredible organization, Lan Samantha Chang for hosting our panel and for the best lunch, Cathy and Helene for the fellowship meals, and Kundiman for the amazing poetry life I get to be a part of.