Kundiman Confluence Reading

A huge thank you to Subterranean Books on Delmar, our five amazing Kundiman Midwest poets, (L to R) Mikkel Snyder, Rachel Ronquillo-Gray, Helene Achanzar, Hyejung Kook, Eugene Gloria, and myself.

Special gratitude to Katherine Witzig, our delightful accommodations host.

The reading was packed, the words were lyrical, piercing, hilarious, and breathtaking. We hope to do it again very soon!

The Sense of the Story on The Common Reader

My short article, “The Sense of the Story” is up on The Common Reader blog today.

Back in January, Michaella Thornton’s in-depth look into how layoffs hit women and mothers (Pinkslips: How Layoffs Create Double Jeopardy for Working Mothers) included part of my experience of getting laid off from St. Louis Community College.

“The Sense of the Story” is a response, not exactly to her article, but to the experience of telling her my story and having it included in a wider story of working women, pay inequality, and sexism. I’m grateful for Michaella’s article, the chance to share my experience, write a response, and yes, even for the layoff itself.