Each Crumbling House is on the CLMP Reading List for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 2022

Beyond honored and thrilled to be included on CLMP’s list of recommended books for AAPI Heritage Month, among so many writers I love and admire: https://www.clmp.org/news/a-reading-list-for-asian-pacific-american-heritage-month-2022/a Find Each Crumbling House from Perugia Press.

Kundiman Confluence Reading

A huge thank you to Subterranean Books on Delmar, our five amazing Kundiman Midwest poets, (L to R) Mikkel Snyder, Rachel Ronquillo-Gray, Helene Achanzar, Hyejung Kook, Eugene Gloria, and myself. Special gratitude to Katherine Witzig, our delightful accommodations host. The reading was packed, the words were lyrical, piercing, hilarious, and breathtaking. We hope to doContinue reading “Kundiman Confluence Reading”