About Melody

Photo by Margarita Corporan.

My name is Melody S. Gee and I am a freelance content strategist, copywriter, and project manager, specializing in business and technical writing, research, creative editing, and ghostwriting. Read more about working together here.


I am passionate about writing that inspires action and leaves readers informed, empowered, and more connected to others. I believe professional writing should tell well-crafted stories that move us and use clear, researched evidence that makes us think. I use writing to learn, teach, exchange, and discover.

I earned a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley and MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico. I am also the author of two collections of poetry and several memoir essays and articles. Read my creative work here and find news about recent and forthcoming publications.


Since 2000, I have served as a freelance researcher, writer, editor, curriculum builder, and document designer for nonprofits, startups, arts and literary organizations, and major brands. For fourteen years I created and taught college and university courses in business writing, technical writing, creative writing, composition, developmental writing, literature, and ESL.


Today, I use my years of writing, teaching, and publishing experience to help clients across business, technical, medical, government, nonprofit, and education sectors design and execute writing projects that move readers to think, feel, and act. I live in St. Louis, MO and partner with organizations and individuals across the globe for short- and long-term collaborations.


Interested in getting started on your writing, editing, or design project? Read more about designing your project or send me a message.