Revisiting the STLCC Layoffs

Michaella A. Thornton’s article, “Pink Slips: How Layoffs Create Double Jeopardy for Working Mothers,” revisits the 2018 STLCC layoffs in the context of how layoffs impact women more severely, how gender roles and expectations shape our responses to layoffs, and how layoffs neither help businesses nor refrain from punishing women harder than men. I was so pleased to be interviewed for the article, and to appear among Michaella’s intensive research, compelling narrative, and palpable passion.

The layoffs received some news coverage in 2017 and 2018. But somehow it never felt like the full story was told. I’m grateful for Michaella’s article–it’s willingness to continue reckoning with this story and re-examining this an wound, to put our story into a larger context, to shine a light on the often overlooked layoff disparities for women and mothers.

For  more background and context, here’s some of the layoff news coverage from 2017-2019.

from Inside Higher Ed

from The Riverfront Times

from St. Louis Magazine

The Riverfront Times again

Multiple pieces from The Scene, Forest Park’s campus student newspaper

Outstanding coverage from The Montage, Meramec’s campus student newspaper

from The South County Times

My Op-Ed column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Chancellor Pittman’s response to my op-ed

A joint faculty response to Chancellor Pittman


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